Artfactory for Böhmfluets
73113 Ottenbach * Germany * Baden-Württemberg
gegr. 1891 - Markneukirchen Jochen, Bernd und Tino  Mehnert – Flötenbaumeister
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Jochen Mehnert & sons
Art workshop for Boehm - flutes construction

The family enterprise situated in the Swabian brook Otten produces for over 110 years of tailor-made and exclusively handmade transverse flutes and Piccolos.

The prominent quality of the instruments and repair lures flautists and female flautists from the whole world into this small workshop occupied with three masters.

Since the foundation in 1891 in mark new churches by Carl August Schreiber (1871-1931) one has made a mistake to the production of Böhmflöten and Piccolos.

In the 30s the trill flap flute was developed which was protected under patent law and is desired by collectors even today very much.

After the second world war it pulled the present manager and master Franz Mehnert (1893-1978) to Stuttgart where he continued the company under his name.

The meanwhile legendary „watered wooden flutes“ by which only about 10-15 instruments were built originated from his hand.

In the end of the 50s a new method of the connection of the mechanics on the sound pipe was developed, i.e. which was cancelled usual "rail" and which became little columns and are still fastened with this technology what brings weight savings and tonal advantages.

After Franz Mehnert's death the company 1978 was taken over from his son Hans-Jochen and since 1981 both sons also work in the family enterprise.

The flutes and Piccolos are still produced in pure manual labour and in every desired implementation.

As materials serve mainly silver and different golden alloys, as well as various fine woods.

Famous artists from all over the world find the way in the small workshop and enjoy while trying out the most different models the loose atmosphere.

The future-oriented enterprise is open for new trends and wishes of the musicians.

One experiments, also has in constant cooperation with excellent musicians, with new materials and innovative ideas.

It is laid beside the high sound quality also a lot of value on the aesthetics of the instruments.

It is the passion of three masters, to every artist his flute personally fitted on him  











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